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When you first visit a country, the first thing you want to learn in the foreign language is “thank you”. This is what Khop Khun Kha means in Thai and how I called the folder on my pc where I saved all the pictures made during my stay in Thailand. When I first started practicing Muay Thai, or Thai boxe, in France, I’ve soon felt a deep involvement and love for this sport. Few years later, I’ve decided to go to Thailand and live and train there for few months. I wanted to feel the real Muay Thai and learn more about this sport and the Thai culture in general. I went there, trained twice a day, slept and eat in the gyms, hang out with the other fighters and I took hundreds of pics. My first selection and editing of those pictures was quite “dramatic”: black and white, high contrasts, violents scenes, money gambling, kids fights. I went there with the preconceived idea of what Muay Thai was and I set up my photo project accordingly. I left this series “sleep” for few years in the folder of my computer because inside of me I knew that it didn’t represent my feelings towards Muay Thai, the sensations I had when I was there and the energy that those fighters and places passed me. So I just let the pictures staying on my pc. Then, during the last years, I started a personal internal journey where I questioned myself on the subject of vulnerability, fears, emotions and human condition. I decided to reopen my “Khop Khun Kah” folder and review all the pictures with a new consciousness and sensibility.

Khop Khun KHA

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