Self-taught photographer, I believe in the power of photography as a cure, as an introspecting device, as a poetry and soul revealer, as a meditation, awareness and healing tool, as a push to experiment and as a door to unreality. Passionate about all kind of photography, I mainly focus on fine art and street photography. I recently felt in love with the magical analogue word thanks to the "Leicester Lo-Fi Photography" group.


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2018  Group  Exhibition  "(CON)FUSIONI, Inusuale mostra dell'incompiuto", Lanciano, Italy

2017  Group  Exhibition "Street Photography Festival 2017", Paris, France

2017  Series "Inner City Blues" published on phroom

2017  Series "England" published on Dodho

2017  Series "England" published on vitamina

2017  Series "England" featured on NOTEY

2017  Series "England" published on Photogrist Photo Magazine

2017  Series "England"  featured on  Femme Actuelle/Hellocotton

2017  Series "England" published on Fubiz

2017  Series "Inner City Blues" published on phosmag

2017  Series "England" published on TRIP magazine

2016  Featured interview on Talent Magazine

2016  Official entry on LensCulture Portrait Awards 2016 with the series "Wash my soul"

2015  Published on PRIVATE Photo Review with the project "Somebody to Love"

2015  Project "Urban Blue" published on LensCulture website

2015  Group Exhibition "(CON)FUSIONI, Inusuale mostra dell'incompiuto", Lanciano, Italy

2015  Official entry on LensCulture Portrait Awards 2015 with the series "Identity", category Self-            Portraits.